Electric Bikes: bringing power to the pedal

What are E-Bikes?

An electric bike or E-Bikes is not too much dissimilar from an ordinary pedal bike but with the addition of electric motors. These compact and powerful motors are often built into the hubs of the wheels and together with a battery power-bank and control electrics provide additional help with your ride.

With the powerful motors and batteries with some of the more extreme models, E-Bikes can reach speeds that usually only can be obtained by a motorbike or a car! With an acceleration that would put a smile on your face (probably out of fear) they can be extremely fun to drive.

Electric bikes use modern, highly developed motors to assist in providing extra work together with your own pedal effort to propel you on your journey. They also have sophisticated battery electric power storage systems that provide enough power to run for many Kilometres! The battery packs usually consist of high energy Lithium Ion cells but for the more extreme bikes – Lithium Polymer batteries are used.

There is an E-Bikes to suit everyone’s taste with styles ranging from traditional look city bikes, folding bikes to mountain bikes and fat tire sand/snow bikes. They are also available in ladies and unisex styles.

Why buy one?

Electric bikes can be great for people that cycle to work and would like to arrive at their workplace that bit more fresher and less fatigued. They can be good also for frequent hobby or leisure cyclists that have a lot of challenging terrain in their locality. It would enable them to pursue their leisure interest without it seeming like a grind due to the extra effort required just to do it. People that are wanting to start off cycling as a means to improve their health can use an E-Bikes to gradually ease them into what is quite a demanding physical activity. Then after time with the increase in strength and stamina would find themselves needing the power assist less and less.

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