Memory sticks – the handy portable data storage solution

Convenient portable memory storage has become somewhat taken for granted these days. The memory stick or Flash drive is still a useful item of storage hardware to have in arms reach of your PC, or in your pocket.

I remember when they where first released in capacities of 128Mb and 256Mb but even those low sizes where a godsend because the best portable, re-writeable memory storage where ZIP discs! Now you can get storage capacities of over 256Gb!

A particularly useful variant of the memory stick to be found these days are the dual connector or On-The-Go (OTG) – USB 3.0 to Micro USB. These are useful when used in conjunction with smartphones that are storage hungry. They can be used to take images and videos off your smartphone freeing up the space to continue to take more media on the go.

Even with cloud storage where you can transfer data to a remote server and access it anywhere with an internet connection, Flash drives are still considered the most convenient and secure medium for portable data.

What kinds of Memory stick are there?

Memory sticks are available in a number of formats and Universal Serial Bus (USB) versions. The most common are USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and Micro-USB but you can also get the new “Type-C” for use with I-Phones and Mac Computers.

Many Memory sticks are around 1.5 Inches in length but there are compact models available. Some premium features are memory sticks with water resistant metal cases and some with inbuilt encryption with physical pin password number combination keys. Most Memory sticks come with a Lanyard hole so you can attach it to a Lanyard or to a key-chain making them even more convenient to carry on yourself.