The Memory card – Versatile data storage for portable devices

What is a Memory card?

A memory card is a very convenient, small, compact form of portable data storage. They contain solid-state flash memory and are similar to memory sticks and solid-state drive hard-drives for computers in that they contain no moving parts. The difference between memory cards and memory sticks is that memory cards are used inside portable devices, memory sticks are used to store and move data between devices – typically computers! Memory cards in general have improved in terms of storage capacity and have got smaller. So they have improved in terms of innovations, hand-in-hand with the wider flash memory technology industry.

Memory cards are used in a vast array of digital devices that require the storage of large amounts of data. They are used in Smart phones, Tablet computers, Digital cameras, Digital video recorders, Hand-held gaming systems, Dashboard cameras and in car navigation to name just a few! With the invent of the Micro-SD even small or thin devices can have considerable memory storage! With the small format and ease of use, memory cards can be easily interchanged with other cards, so if you fill one card you can take it out of your device and replace it with another empty card you could have on your person!

What kinds of card are available?

The main kinds of memory cards available these days are SD (abbreviation of Secure Digital) and Micro-SD form factors. Although the original size SD cards are commonly used, more and more devices are using the much smaller Micro-SD card.

They are widely available in storage capacities of 8/16/32/64/128 and 256Gb. There are different performance classes with data transfer speeds up-to 100Mb/s for some class 10 products. These high data transfer speeds are necessary for most modern digital camera and digital video recorders that capture video in full HD or 4K resolution.

Memory Cards are such a handy piece of storage media that I wonder how we did without them! It is with the development of Memory cards that digital devices such as digital cameras have become so successful!
I don’t buy cards myself with less than 32Gb of storage these days and they are not expensive!

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