The Solid State Drive or SSD – super fast mass data storage

What is an SSD?

An SSD or Solid-State Drive is a modern mass data storage medium. They are an alternative, even replacement on the most common mechanical spinning Hard Drive. They are called solid-state because they have no moving parts as opposed to mechanical hard drives that have many platters spinning at 7000RPM!

They are designed with a kind of integrated circuit called NAND Flash memory which stores data persistently without constant power. The use a 3D NAND flash is common with manufactures to increase the memory density within the current form factors.

Why are they useful?

They are useful as a replacement or as an addition to a mechanical HDD, in a computer system due to their high data transfer rates and small form factor. They are good used as the hard drive for laptop systems because they can’t be damaged when in use if the computer is knocked or dropped.

Their low weight and low power requirement also lend to there ideal use within laptop systems.

Why are they better than mechanical Hard drives?

They are better than mechanical hard drives due to the fact they have no moving parts that can fail. They have faster data transfer speeds giving users greater productivity. Over-all they are light-weight and require less power to run, generate no heat and are silent running.

Why should you buy one?

SSDs used to be rather expensive in relation to the storage capacity they had but these days they are more affordable.

The main advantage is the significant increase in the speed of which the drive seems to operate. Not only do SSDs access the stored data faster but read and write in greater amounts over a given time. It was this data read and write speed that was creating a performance bottle neck in modern systems. The system CPU and RAM memory have been more than capable of handing a high data rate for quite some time.

The available storage capacities have greatly increased to a point that they now surpass mechanical hard drives. This increase in storage capacities can only increase into the future! If you are looking to supercharge your computing experience, then an SSD will put your computer on the fast lane.

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