Understated style to make an impression – Men’s necklaces

What are men’s necklaces?

There are various kinds of jewellery that men would wear to compliment their wardrobe but one item that is always popular and that is the chain necklace. Chains of precious metals have been used as a show of status and a portable store of wealth for thousands of years. Men’s necklace styles differ from that of women in that they prefer heavier, less intricate chains and more conservative pendants.

What kinds of styles are there?

Men’s chain necklaces come in many styles ranging from traditional to more modern or unique. Popular and well known chain styles are Curb, Figaro, Rope, Herringbone, Cable and Byzantine to name but a few.

Most jewellery chains are made from metal wire of varied widths formed into a spiral then cut to form open rings. These open rings are then closed on other rings to form the chain. This basic chain is then worked to form a style like a Curb chain.

A necklace is not just a chain however and many men would wear a pendent with the chain featuring some kind of artistic work or concept.

The necklace can be made from various materials such as Silver, Gold, White Gold, Steel and even just Leather!

Mens Necklace

Necklaces are used in men’s fashion in the same way as other men’s jewellery in conjunction with high dress. So if a man is dressing smart for a formal occasion a man may add a “dress watch” to what he is wearing. In this situation a stylish necklace can also be worn.
Chain necklaces are rarely worn as a daily addition to your fashion and clothing as they are often too valuable.

Mens necklaces are a sometimes overlooked item of jewellery as they are often worn under clothing. I have had a few chains over the years and I like the more complex and intricate looking styles such as the Byzantine necklace.

You don’t have to buy a chain of precious metals just to look good! They can be used as an investment or store of wealth as fine Silver and high caret Gold chains are and remain valuable into the future.